1. Check to see that the doorbell works—if not, replace it
  2. Restore power to any dead outlets
  3. Change the direction of your ceiling fans
  4. Clean out exhaust fans to prevent mold
  5. Regrout or recaulk your tub, showers, and bathroom fixtures
  6. Double check your downspout
  7. Remove evidence of water damage
  8. Clear your drains
  9. Flush out your water heater
  10. Check your water bill to track water consumption
  11. Gut the gutters
  12. Test your sump pump
  13. Maintain your roof
  14. Look for early signs of foundation problems
  15.  Wash your siding16. Touch up exterior paint
  16.  Fill in driveway cracks
  17. Clean off your outdoor air conditioning unit
  18. Check for signs of critters
  19. Trim up the trees
  20. Change out your HVAC filters
  21. Regularly get your HVAC professionally serviced
  22. Unclog your disposal
  23. Clean out refrigerator coils
  24. Wash your washing machine
  25. Maintain your fire extinguisher
  26. Remove lint and build up from your dryer vents
  27. Inspect your window and door seals
  28. Do a home energy audit
  29. Fix scuff marks on interior walls with a little paint